Developing new methods and technology for the inspection of the latest materials in car body applications, and employing innovative approaches for developing modern concepts with enhanced lifetime for key running gear components.


GEARBODIES is a 25 month project financed by the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 101013296 with 13 partners from 8 countries.

The success of the European rail system to foster the modal shift towards rail requires cost-efficient and reliable long-lasting trains. GEARBODIES contributes to this effort by improving the efficiency of rolling stock maintenance in close collaboration with the ongoing CFM-IP1-01-2019 (PIVOT2).

To achieve the above, GEARBODIES follows a twofold approach: extending overhaul periods and improving maintenance processes. The extension of overhaul periods will be facilitated by developing high-performance and long-lifetime components for running gear. The improvement of maintenance processes will be boosted by developing innovative NDT technologies to optimise inspection processes for lightweight carbody shells.

GEARBODIES will design and prototype several elastomer-metal running gear components, suitable for serial production, based on high-performance new elastomer formulations and existing elastomers not yet applied in rolling stock elements. In addition, the project will also explore innovative technologies for the development of low LCC bearings. New lubrication solutions, new materials for races and rollers, novel polymers for cages and the effects of new bearing geometries will be researched, among which the most feasible ones will be integrated in a new bearing design and prototyped.

GEARBODIES will develop an innovative modular platform to reduce the inspection time of lightweight carbody shells. The platform will incorporate tailored thermography and ultrasonic inspection systems and will facilitate the automated detection and assessment of defects throughout the thickness of the shell by using a customed software module.

GEARBODIES will benefit form a strong multidisciplinary consortium, made of 13 partners from 8 countries, committed to the mentioned actions towards maximisation of the project’s impact.

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Newsletter June 2023

Dear Reader,In this final newsletter before reaching the end of theGEARBODIES (Innovative Technologies for InspectingCarbodies and for Development of Running Gear) project,you will learn more about what the project partners haveachieved. The best way to get a closer look at the projectachievements though will be to attend the GEARBODIESfinal conference that will take place on […]

Final Conference – reminder to register

We would like to send a reminder to register for the final conference of GEARBODIES on 21 June. The conference starts at 10:00, but there is a complimentary breakfast available between 9:00 and 9:45.  Location: Comet Louise, Pl. Stéphanie 20, 1050 Brussels (Room 2.5 Matcha Shelter) The success of the European rail system to foster the modal […]

Final Conference

Final Conference 21 June 2023 Location: Comet Louise, Pl. Stéphanie 20, 1050 Brussels (Room 2.5 Matcha Shelter) Register here: The success of the European rail system to foster the modal shift towards rail requires cost-efficient and reliable long-lasting trains. GEARBODIES contributes to this effort by improving the efficiency of rolling stock maintenance. GEARBODIES partners designed and prototyped several elastomer-metal […]

Article published in Sensors, with the title: “Exploring Step-Heating and Lock-In Thermography NDT Using One-Sided Inspection on Low-Emissivity Composite Structures for New Rail Carbodies Article published in Sensors, with the title: “

by Alkiviadis Tromaras  and  Vassilios Kappatos Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Hellenic Institute of Transport, 6th Km Charilaou-Thermi Road, 57001 Thessaloniki, Greece available online at the following link Received: 16 September 2022 / Revised: 20 October 2022 / Accepted: 20 October 2022 / Published: 26 October 2022.

Article in the IRJ April 2022

Improving passenger train maintenance efficiency. A #GEARBODIES Article published in the International Railway Journal  in April with the title: “Improving passenger train maintenance efficiency.” Shift2Rail’s Gearbodies project seeks to reduce passenger train maintenance costs. Celestino Sánchez Martín, project manager with Eurnex, Alkiviadis Tromaras, research associate with the Centre for Technology Hellas/Hellenic Institute of Transport (Certh/Hit), and Stefanos.

GEARBODIES – Newsletter January 2022

In this 1st newsletter of the GEARBODIES project (Innovative Technologies for Inspecting Carbodies and for Development of Running Gear), you will learn about the current developments, as the project has reached its halfway point. Through the various achievements that are being summarised, you should also get an idea of what’s to come going forward, until […]

GEARBODIES Video presentation

We are so proud to present our project #GEARBODIES in a new video!#GEARBODIES is a Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking project #Improving the efficiency of #rollingstock#maintenance, towards an even more #reliable, #successful and #sustainable#rail#transport. Have a look! A big thank you to Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH for all the support during the making of […]

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